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Fan Fiction
a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium.
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This tumblr is a work in progress and currently only has Justin Bieber fan fiction. Please feel free to submit your own or send a request.
Feedback is always welcome!

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- justinbieberoneshot:
So I finally built up the courage to set up my blog. Thank you for replying to me by the way, I really appreciated it. I'm thinking of doing a mix of things, both normal one shots and fanfics and a few mature ones too. I've already posted chapter one of my fanfic, and I've written a mature one shot but I'm not sure whether or not to post it yet as I have no followers. If you can think of anything to improve my blog or fanfic then please let me know! A banner would be fantastic! x

Well i just followed you from my personal and i’ll post this so that everyone that follows valentinefanfiction can follow you too! I would just start posting if i was you, and make sure you tag everything with stuff like “justin bieber” and “fan fiction” so that people can find you if they track the tags etc (: What sort of banner would you like? just text or with photos? i can make gifs too but i can’t promise a moving banner will be great as it would be my first attempt haha (:

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- Anonymous:
Hello, I'm thinking of starting my own fanfic blog for Justin, only I'd also write mature one shots too. Since your blog is the only one I've found which also has it on there, I wondered what kind of response you got for this?

Hey! The feedback that I get is generally positive and I think it would be great for more people to share their talent for writing through blogs like this! (: If you need any help setting up the blog, making banners, writing etc I would be more than happy to help (:

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- Anonymous:
post it!

haha okay! it’s a work in progress though so i wont be updating very frequently!

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Working on something new around my uni work, hit like or send me a message if you want me to post it (:

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