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So what does everyone think about the teen wolf one shot?

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- Anonymous:
Do you take smut requests?

I do, but I can’t promise how quickly they will be written. I’ve had a serious case of writers block that gas lasted for what feels like forever and the only thing my muse is letting me write right now is teen wolf for some reason haha. Feel free to submit something and I will get to as and when I feel like I can write you something good!

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Mature content warning: This story contains content that may be seen as offensive to some readers. If you are offended by scenes of a graphic sexual nature, please do not read.

“Happy birthday dear Lauren, Happy birthday to you!” they sang in perfect harmony, my friends sitting in front of me with the biggest vanilla cake I had ever seen and grins on their faces to match the stature. I grinned as they finished, leaning in to blow out the 21 candles that had been placed there so delicately they could only have been done by Lydia. I grinned over at her as she clapped her hands together, Jacksons arm wrapped firmly around her waist to keep her from jumping up and down where she sat.

The small gathering of my best friends had been an excellent way to celebrate my 21st birthday, with all of us having to wait until Cora and Isaacs birthday for the incredible trip we had planned for when all of us were of age. Allison had tried to twist my arm to have a house party, or go out to clubs in the surrounding towns, but I thought it a much better idea to have something more intimate with just the 9 of us. Stiles, my boyfriend, was sat next to me, his face buried into the camera his dad had bought him for his own 21st, Scott sat next to him, followed by Allison and Cora. Derek, whos arm had been twisted into being seen in public with the rest of us, sat opposite his sister and next to Lydia who was placed next to Jackson, with Isaac placed on my left.  The 9 of us hadn’t had a dinner like this in.. well.. ever, and the fact that everyone had put their differences aside to make this as enjoyable as possible for me for my birthday filled my heart with joy.
They cheered as the candles were extinguished, Stiles clicking away with his camera before he leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips, the smile that lingered there infectious. “Happy birthday baby, I love you” he smiled, resting his forehead on mine momentarily as I replied, “thank you gorgeous, I love you too” I smiled up at him, kissing him gently once more before we broke our embrace.

“and thanks guys” I grinned, leaning into Stiles’ arm that had fallen to my waist and picking out the candles from the cake to cut it into slices. After it had been evenly distributed and everyone began to tuck in, Stiles leaned into me and kissed me gently on the cheek, moving to whisper in my ear,

“I’ve got a surprise for you when we get back to mine” He kissed my cheek again before I turned to him and raised an eyebrow, his hand now resting on the inside of my thigh, the purple of my dress riding up enough for his soft hands to caress sensitive skin. His lips curled into a smirk and he kissed me gently once more before he whispered against my lips, “Isaac is going to come too”

My head snapped back in shock, my eyes dancing around his face as if waiting for him to crack up and admit that he was joking. It had only been a week ago that I had admitted that I had once had a terrible crush on the younger boy when Sitles and I had been laying in bed, and although I had joked that a threesome with the two of them would be perfect, I had never expected him to take it seriously. Stiles looked at me innocently before I looked over my shoulder at Isaac, the smirk on his face as he ate his cake enough to tell me that he knew exactly what we were discussing and that it was entirely serious.

“You’re kidding?” I spoke as I turned back to my boyfriend, his eyes wandering my face to gage my reaction. He shook his head in response, “No, I’m serious, I asked him the other day what he was getting you for your birthday and then suggested this.” My jaw dropped as he continued, “it was the most awkward conversation I have ever had in my entire life but I figured that it could be uh..well it could be interesting” He smiled at me cutely, his baby face and the way he was looking at me could have fooled anyone into thinking he was as innocent as I had once also thought him to be. I couldn’t deny that this kind of thing had crossed my mind before, but I had never thought the situation would ever lay itself in front of me like this. Stiles had always been very protective over me, to the point where sharing me with someone if only for a night seemed completely out of the question, but it seemed as if he was willing to let it go for my birthday. “I mean.. if you want to that is? We don’t have to, I just thought you might li-“ I didn’t let him finish before I slammed my lips to his, my hands finding his face as I kissed him with so much passion I thought my lips may fall off. It wasn’t until Scott nudged his best friend hard that we broke the kiss, turning to see the entire table laughing at us,

“Get a room will you!” Allison grinned as I felt the blood rushing to my face, my eyes cast downward as Stiles squeezed my thigh under the table. I took a chance and glanced up at Isaac who was watching Stiles for a response. As soon as the latter gave a curt nod and a smile, Isaac smirked and let his eyes flitter to mine, licking frosting from his lips slowly and deliberately. I was glad for the situation having already made my cheeks red as they would certainly have darkened at the look in Isaacs eyes, the lust that had already over taken the younger boy starting a heat in me that Stiles had dealt with so well before. I wondered how long it would take for the two of them to unravel me, how they would work me and make me theirs and how they would both become putty in my hands with perfectly timed and placed touches along their toned bodies. The thought of the evening ahead had already dampened the black lace that formed my panties, and Stiles’ hand still lingering on my thigh made it difficult for me to concentrate on the cake in front of me. As I steadied my breathing and began to tuck into the delicious cake that Lydia had picked up from the bakery that very morning, I tried my hardest not to act upon, or even acknowledge, the sexual tension that had descended between the three of us.
Just as I had settled myself into enjoying the rest of the meal with my friends, I felt Isaac rest his hand on my other thigh, his eyes completely averted as he was lost in conversation with Jackson about some kind of sport that I no longer cared about, the smirk that had played on his face still evident enough to make it known that the move was deliberate. Stiles noticed the change in my demeanor and turned from his conversation with Scott to face me,

“You okay?” He smiled and I nodded, leaning in to kiss him lightly,

“I’m really excited.” I bit my lip and he nodded, a mischievous look appearing in his eyes that I had only seen a few times before when we had been alone. Before I had time to think, he leaned in to me, kissed me passionately and simultaneously ran his hand up my thigh to rest against my centre. I gasped into the kiss as he slipped a finger into my panties, moving a single finger along my clit and smirking as he pulled both hand and lips from me,  “I can tell baby” he smirked.

“When did you become so bold?” I whispered into his lips, my thighs now cold as they lacked the contact of my boyfriend and our temporary lover, Isaacs hand slipping from my thigh as I had moved into the older man’s touch. Stiles smiled sweetly before he answered,

“When I heard you tell me that you love me.” His revelation made my heart swell, and I pressed my lips to his gently again before our foreheads rested against each other,

“You’re cute.” I smiled and he chuckled, pulling away and taking my hand, kissing it lightly,

“No baby, that’s you, now eat your cake.” he smiled and I did so, enjoyng the desert and trying not to see how Isaac kept glancing at the two of us, his eagerness blatant.

We were sat there for another half an hour as we finished our slices, boxed up the cake and paid the bill, the group splitting my share as they argued I shouldn’t have to pay for my own birthday meal. After everything was dealt with, we made our way from the restaurant, Stiles wrapping his jacket around my shoulders as he saw the slight shiver that came over me as the wind hit my almost bare shoulders.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Cora offered, although it was late and there wasn’t really much to do in beacon hills at this time,
“Well I was thinking we might just call it a night for now, we can always go see a movie or something tomorrow?” I offered, eager to get home and unwrap my least expected birthday present who had taken to standing next to Cora, trying to hide the smirk on his face. The younger girl nodded and Lydia voiced her agreement, although it was likely that her eagerness to get home was for a similar reason to myself.

“Alright well just give me a text or something tomorrow alright?” Cora smiled and I nodded, hugging her and Derek as the latter spoke,
“Happy birthday trouble” he grinned and I couldn’t help but match it, the sisterly relationship I had with him made me feel the most comfortable. Although I was very aware that he was out of his comfort zone in a group like this, it was that fact that made me all the happier that he had come to celebrate my birthday like this.

I said goodbye to the rest of my friends, embracing them all but Jackson who gave me a fist bump and a wink as he nodded to Stiles who was leaning on his truck waiting for me. I shook my head and walked back over to the truck, leaning into Stiles and kissing him gently as he readjusted his jacket on me.

“Yo Isaac do you need a ride?” Stiles offered, and I looked over my shoulder as the younger boy began walking towards us,
“Yeah that would be great man, thanks” He smirked, climbing into the back of Stiles’ van as I climbed into the passenger seat, my breath shaking in anticipation at what was about to happen.

We pulled away from the restaurant and started down the road to Stiles’ house, and it was then that I realised the most obvious hurdle in the night that we had planned.
“Is your dad not at home?” I offered, trying to stop my voice from shaking.

“No, he’s gonna be working late at the station tonight. He actually told me that he wouldn’t be around for most of the evening, I’m pretty sure he’s expecting you to stay over at mine” He smirked and I couldn’t help but match it, my eyes falling to the younger boy who was sitting in the back somewhat awkwardly.

“I guess it’s a good job that your dad knows what kind of thing you two were gonna get up to, huh?” Isaac grinned, and I bit my lip, forcing down the wall that was keeping me from being how I usually was before Stiles and I had sex.

“I’m pretty sure he could never have anticipated how naughty his son really is.” I grinned, leaning into kiss my boyfriend gently on the cheek, my hand slipping in-between his thighs to begin palming him through his jeans. I moved my lips to his neck, a small groan slipping from his lips as I bit down gently.
“Fuck…Lauren I’m driving, be carefull.” His tone was wary, but aroused and I pulled back to look at Isaac who was watching our interaction intently,

“Maybe you should climb in the back, birthday girl… I could entertain you while Stiles drives.” He smirked and I looked over at my boyfriend, unsure if this was okay. Sensing his hesitation, I licked my lips and shook my head,

“Let’s just wait till we’re near a bed, that way I can have you both” I grinned and the spark in Isaacs eyes told me he enjoyed my response.

It only took a couple more minutes for Stiles to get to his house. As promised, the sheriff’s car was vacant from the front and after Isaac had climbed from the truck, I grabbed Stiles’ hand to stop him. He turned to face me, his eyes searching my face for hesitation and I leaned in to kiss him passionately, the heat that had started between us already taking over every part of our interaction. I pulled away reluctantly, resting my forehead against his and looking into his eyes, “Are you sure this is okay? I don’t want to do this if this isn’t something you want too” I spoke and I was serious. Although the thought of being with two of the hottest men alive was an incredible turn on, I knew that if this was the other way around I would never want another woman all over my Stiles.

He nodded, “I’ve thought about it a lot these last couple of days, and I.. well..” He gulped, a blush forming on his cheeks, “I think it might be hot to watch him do things to you…I mean you’re still mine, and there’s no way he’s going to get to have sex with you, but seeing you in so much pleasure having the both of us..and to have him watching as I make you cum..” His voice had got increasingly full of lust and I felt my panties dampening further as he spoke to me. I nodded and kissed him again fervently and we both exited the car, grinning at Isaac who was leaning against the frame of the front door.
“You two alright?” He looked up innocently, and I was glad that it was someone who we were both close with that was doing this with us because I knew that if I had told him in that moment that either of us was uncomfortable, he would have gone home with no questions asked.

“Perfect” I smirked and he grinned, his eyes washing over me from head to toe and his arm wrapping around my waist as Stiles opened his front door and the three of us headed inside.
As soon as the front door had shut behind us, Isaacs hand fell to brush my ass and Stiles wrapped his arms around me. My boyfriend lifted me up and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom, laying me down on his bed and smirking as Isaac had already begun to unbutton the white dress shirt he was wearing. I grinned up at the two of them, watching as the younger boy let the fabric fall to the floor and flicked on the light of Stiles’ room, illuminating my boyfriend sitting next to me on the bed with his lips planted firmly on my collar bone and our best friend crawling up the bed to lay on my other side.
“You got anything to drink Stiles?” Isaac looked up at the older boy, his hand resting on my thigh as it had only minutes before.

“Yeah, I think there’s a bottle of wine downstairs I’ll go get it” He grinned, standing up and assessing the situation in front of him, “Don’t start without me” He bit his lip and dashed out of the room, leaving Isaac and I alone for the first time that evening.

“So..” He began, his fingers moving slowly up and down the inside of my thigh, goosebumps already forming at his touch, “Stiles said you had a little bit of a crush on me”

I chuckled and bit my lip, my eyes cast downward as I nodded. I had no idea why this shyness had overcome me, but I knew that it would not be useful in the situation that was about to unfold. Isaacs finger found my chin, pushing my face up to his before his hand fell back on my thigh, further up now than it was before, “Don’t be embarrassed babe, I..uhh.. had a little crush on you too” He grinned, licking his lips before continuing, “And when Stiles told me that he wanted me to join you…well…” He chuckled, his hand moving further up my thigh, the tips of his fingers running along the edge of the black lace of my panties, “I’ve never been so turned on in my life” He breathed heavily down my neck as he began placing soft kisses there, a sigh slipping from my lips as I watched Stiles walk back into the room with three glasses and a bottle of white wine that I know couldn’t have belonged to him or his father.

“Dad bought this for you for your birthday, hope it’s alright to open it now?” His voice was distant as his eyes ran from Isaacs bare chest to his hand on my thigh and my dress pushed up so high he could see my panties.

“That’s fine baby” I smiled over at him, moving from where I was laying to kneel in front of him, taking the bottle and glasses from his hand and placing them down on the bedside table. I rested my hands on his neck and brought his lips down to mine, kissing him passionately as I let my fingers fall to the blue dress shirt that he was wearing. I unbuttoned it quickly and smiled as his fingers found the zipper of my dress, pulling it down and removing the soft fabric from my body, leaving me in the black lace underwear set that I had worn in preparation for this evening. I had known that Stiles and I were going to end up having sex, this new twist was just something I could never had anticipated.

“Damn” Stiles whispered against my lips and I grinned, pulling him back onto the bed with me, pushed him down and grabbing his belt. I pulled the soft leather from his jeans and went to work on the zipper as Isaac began to kiss along my neck again, his fingers exploring my bare stomach as Stiles began to rub gently at my centre. My breath hitched in my throat at the contact and both boys smirked up at me, “You like it when he touches you like that?” Isaac smirked, kicking off his own jeans as I pulled down Stiles’. I nodded and licked my lips, my eyes flittering between the two swollen members that were hiding under the boys’ boxers.

“God you’re both so hot” I sighed out, my hand reaching out for Isaacs erection as he moved closer, Stiles’ fingers still working my clit as Isaac moved in to kiss me for the first time. As our lips met, Stiles moved the lace of my panties to the side, his finger meeting my wet clit and beginning to rub in small, delicious circles. I let out a moan into Isaacs mouth, palming him through his boxers before I broke the kiss and looked down at my boyfriend,

“that’s so good Stiles” I moaned out, kissing him passionately as he slipped his fingers inside of me, first one and then two, curling them to the perfect point inside of me that caused me to cry out in pleasure. Stiles smirked as he moved his fingers in and out of me fast a few times before I stopped his hand and brought his fingers to my lips, licking them in a way that I knew would turn him on further. His eyes blazed with lust as I moved down his body, kissing gently at his neck, his chest and his stomach, tugging at the hair on his abdomen gently before I pulled down his strained boxers.

“Fuck you’re so hard baby” I breathed out without thinking, my hand moving to the base of his cock as my tongue met the head, swirling in circles as he writhed underneath me. I smirked up at my boyfriend as his eyes fell to me, sucking the head of his cock into my mouth and lowering my head until he hit the back of my throat. Stiles moaned out loudly, fisting the sheets as Isaac palmed himself next to the two of us. The younger boy watched intently as I began to suck at my boyfriend, my head bobbing up and down on his thick cock, almost choking as I was moving at a speed to match my eagerness. Stiles’ fingers moved to tangle in my hair as my hand moved up and down the base of his cock, Isaac sitting back on the bed and pulling his boxers from himself, leaving me the only person remotely covered. I pulled away to look up at my boyfriend and he looked up at me in awe, his face red and flustered, his breathing unsteady and his lip caught between his teeth. Just as I was about to get back to work he shook his head, bringing me up to face him by placing his hand under my chin as Isaac had done moments before.

“While I love how much you love giving me head” Stiles muttered, kissing me gently as he pushed me down to lay on the bed between Isaac and himself, “Tonight is about you baby..” He grinned, pressing his lips to my own as his fingers slipping inside the black lace to toy with my clit again, two digits slipping inside of me and pumping in and out as fast as they could with the restrictions. I moaned out softly, glancing at Isaac as he moved from where he was sat touching himself to kissing my neck gently. As Stiles kissed me passionately and moved down my body, his lips grazing my stomach, Isaac moved his soft hands to caress my breasts, his fingers removing my bra with ease and throwing it to the floor. He wasted no time in sucking a nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking over the sensitive spot gently as Stiles licked along the top of my underwear.

“F-fuck” I breathed out as Stiles pulled my panties from my body, kissing gently down my thigh and never breaking the eye contact we had attained. Isaacs tongue and teeth grazing against my nipple turned me on even more, but the hungry look in Stiles’ eyes as he got closer and closer to my centre cause the fire in me to burn harder than it ever had before. Isaac switched to play with my nipples with his fingers as his lips met my neck, my eyes still trained on my boyfriend as he lowered himself onto me. As Stiles finally pressed his lips to my clit, I let out a gasp, followed by a loud moan as his tongue moved along me.

“Oh fuck baby!” I moaned out, a hand moving to tangle in his hair as he smirked against my skin, his fingers slipping inside of me again and pressing against my g-spot.

“Does that feel good babe?” Isaac spoke against my neck, his voice infused with lust and I reached out to grab his hard cock, the action greeted with a “hmpf” against the skin of my neck. I moved my hand up and down the length of Isaacs cock, moaning as Stiles pounded his fingers in and out of me, his tongue licking my clit so fast I thought I might pass out.

“I-I’m gonna..” I almost screamed, my hand gripping the base of Isaacs cock as he kissed me fiercly, my orgasm taking over me as Stiles gripped  my thighs and Isaac claimed my mouth. My body convulsed against the sheets and Stiles held me still, his tongue still lapping at my clit as he let me ride out my orgasm.

“F-fuck” I breathed as I began to come down, Stiles moving up my body and kissing me passionately, the proud grin on his face something he always wore after he had made me cum so hard.

“Good?” He grinned, kissing my neck gently as Isaac sat back on the bed, stroking himself again.

“More than good” I giggled, turning to face Isaac and licking my lips, an innocent expression washing over my face, “But we’re not done yet.” Isaac smirked.

“Why don’t you show me how good you are with your mouth, huh?” he licked his lips and I nodded. He must have noticed Stiles looking a little lost as he continued, “And Stiles can fuck that sweet little pussy of yours while you suck me, how does that sound?”

My insides squirmed at the dirty talk, and I looked over at Stiles who was already grabbing a condom from the side. I smirked at Isaac and climbed on top of him, our lips meeting passionately as Stiles slipped a condom onto his member. I looked over my shoulder at my boyfriend who was sitting on his ankles, licking his lips at the sight before him,
“You like what you see baby?” I asked, the confidence that had come with having two men begging for me rushing straight to my head. Stiles nodded, moving forward and slipping a finger between my thighs once more.

“So fucking wet” He muttered against my neck, “Now let me make you cum even harder than before baby” I turned my head to kiss him fiercely, Isaac rubbing gently at my clit as Stiles slipped a finger in and out of me. I continued my decent on Isaacs body as Stiles continued to twist and pump his finger in and out of my already aroused pussy, the sensitivity heightened from already cumming once. I moaned as Stiles moved down to kiss my entrance gently, soothing my pussy with his tongue before he kneeled behind me, waiting for the right moment. I glanced up at Isaac as he watched the scene play out before him, licking his lips as I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. He bit his lip hard his brow furrowing as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, his hand quickly finding my hair as I descended, hollowing out my cheeks and sucking him just as I had sucked my boyfriend minutes ago. I was just getting used to the pace, and how Isaac was already losing control and letting his hips move against my mouth, when Stiles entered my pussy from behind, his long, thick shaft stretching me out delightfully. I moaned hard onto Isaacs cock and he gripped my hair harder, the vibrations that the moan had sent through him turning him on even more.

“Fuck that’s good” Isaac smirked, “Fuck her nice and hard Stilinski, make her cum while she’s sucking my cock” His words were rushed, his breathing unsteady as I sucked on his member hard, my boyfriend gripping my hips as he embraced the position that we hadn’t tried before. It felt so good to have him inside of me, to have him clawing at my skin and fucking me as passionately as he was. We had only had sex a few times before and they had always been incredibly intimate and romantic, and while I loved that about our relationship, it felt good to know that we could also be wholeheartedly animalistic.

“You’re so fucking tight babygirl” Stiles moaned out as I whimpered onto Isaacs cock, “So fucking tight.” He moved even deeper inside of me, hitting my g-spot over and over and I knew I was going to lose it. I could no longer control how I was moving on Isaac because of the pleasure that my boyfriend was giving me, and I was glad that the younger boy was guiding me up and down his cock with his fist gripping my hair.

“I’m gonna cum” Isaac moaned out as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, “Babe I’m gonna cum” He repeated himself before he spilled into my mouth and I swallowed everything he had to give me. When his body had finished jerking, I slipped his cock from my mouth and let my entire body fall to the bed next to Isaac, my face hitting the sheets as Stiles continued to plow into me, knowing I wasn’t going to last long.

“Stiles, baby uhh!” I moaned out as he pressed against my g-spot for the last time, my body convulsing again and retracting around his cock as I came for him, “Fuuuuck!” I moaned into the bed and I heard him swear above me, emptying into the condom and kissing my back gently as he pulled out of me.
I lay face down on the bed for a few minutes, allowing my breathing to slow and my body to stop twitching from the copious amount of pleasure I had just experienced. My legs were shaking from the pleasure, and as Stiles pulled out I let them fall to the bed, my entire body spent from cumming twice in quick succession. I heard stiles moving around his room and disposing of the condom before he climbed back onto the bed, and I finally moved, only to crawl up between the two of them and collapse there on my back underneath the sheets
We lay in silence as Stiles poured some of the wine that had been forgotten about and passed us each a glass. I sipped gently at the amber liquid, enjoying the coldness against my lips and the warmth that rushed throughout my entire body.

“Best birthday ever” I grinned, turning to kiss Isaac gently before I placed my lips on my boyfriends, kissing him with as much passion as I could muster considering the serious lack on energy.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it baby..I did too” He bit his lip slightly as he whispered against my lips and then kissed me gently once more. I turned back to Isaac who was sipping his wine, his head resting back against the headboard. I smiled at him and he smirked back,

“Yeah that was fucking great” He smirked, licking his lips and leaning over to place the wine down on the bedside table, “And if you ever feel the need to uh.. celebrate any more birthdays, you better come straight to me” Isaac smirked and I couldn’t help but giggle, “You two are fucking hot together”

I smirked and sipped my wine, leaning into Stiles as he wrapped his arm around me, kissing my temple before he drank some more of his own wine.

“I’ll let you two kids have some time together” Isaac spoke, standing up on the bed and jumping down, grabbing his clothes and slipping them on as Stiles and I watched. I was still so in awe of what had just happened I could barely believe it, and there was no way I would ever be able to look at Isaac the same way ever again. He used to be my best friend, this innocent boy who had a crush on Cora and that was it. Now he was this hot guy that watched and participated in birthday sex. After he was ready he fist bumped Stiles, and leaned over to kiss me gently on the lips, “You guys have fun now, see you tomorrow” He winked as he walked out, and Stiles and I lay there in complete bliss, the rest of the evening spent eating birthday cake and having the best sex of our lives.

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- emblxm:
Could you write a Dylan obrien smut omg

I am literally just about to post a Stiles/Isaac/OC threesome (:

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Any of my followers care to read a teen wolf one shot?

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If you want to read a teen wolf fan fiction please like this and I will send you an ao3 link

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- dollhouse-ziam:
lol, your smut made me horny a'f cx lol keep up the good work<3 xx

Haha well thank you! Hopefully this writers block will lift soon!

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- Anonymous:
When are you gonna post another smut? You're such a good writer

Thank you for the compliment! I’m actually very uninspired as of right now. I’m trying my best to life this writers block and you guys will be the first to know when I’m writing again!

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- Anonymous:
I miss you so much ,you're such a good writer I can't wait for more!!!

Thank you! I’m suffering from some serious writers block right now but I should be back soon!

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- Anonymous:
Omfg you're such an amazing writer. Your smut leaves me breathless and wet ;)

Thank you, that’s good to hear (;

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